Radio Station Trivia

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June 1, 2017
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What was the pioneering radio station in the US?

The very first commercialized radio station was KDKA. Housed in Pittsburgh’s Westinghouse building, it commenced airing in 1920.  KDKA’s success ushered in the birth of more radio stations so that by the close of 1921, there were already eight US commercial radio stations in operation.  In the same year, KDKA started to air prizefights as well as baseball.


When did FM radio emerge?

In 1936, FM radio was introduced and was later assigned its respective band range.  Edwin H. Armstrong was responsible for demonstrating broadcasting via FM band with the help of a handful of stations scattered across five US states.


When was the golden age of radio?

The popularity of radio broadcasting rose in the 1920s up to the 1930s.  Radio back then was one of the least expensive modes of entertainment.  During these years, around 60 percent of US households owned a radio.


What does RCA stand for?

RCA is Radio Corporation of America was a government monopoly.  Later, however, the government allowed free competition among players in the radio industry.