Top Radio Stations On A Baby Boomer’s List

Radio Station Trivia
June 6, 2017

I personally believe that the terrestrial radio industry is not near its sunset, well not just yet. Despite being threatened by the popularity of music streaming, this did not get in the way of loyal fans who haven’t lost the habit of tuning into their favorite top radio stations.

For others, millennials more or less, who have switched to online subscription streaming, listening to AM/FM radio may seem old school.  Old school or not, at least these people who have stuck their guns to good old radio listening won’t be asking themselves if their personal data have been compromised.


Here are the finest on my list in random order:


KKJZ 88.1

Long Beach residents will agree that KJazz has one of the best jazz programs.  You are definitely going cruising forever.  It plays all of them – smooth jazz to traditional jazz.  A treat awaits you on weekends if you are a fan of the blues. A pair of great headphones is recommended for this one.


KPWR 105.9 FM

Looking for hip-hop music and a dash of R&B here and there is definitely what draws me to 105.9 FM.  DJs are obviously seasoned so you get a good dose of scratching and live mixing.  If there is any one-liner that best describes the station, it’s going to be “hip-hop all the way”.


KXLU 88.9

This is one of the best college radios that could make other radio stations cower in shame.  While Loyola Marymount is an institution founded by Jesuits, you won’t be able to identify with their broadcast as they seem to enjoy playing what others don’t dare to play.


KUSC 91.5

Hungry for classical?  Why not if it will calm your nerves in the middle of the worst traffic.  The station is also fond of playing film scores and opera music which deserves to be aired but sadly aren’t by many stations nowadays.



This is the cream of the crop of all rap stations.  It’s playing hip-hop loved by baby boomers and those from Generation X.  Want to hear the hits of the past decades?  KDAY has a roster of fine decades ago tunes.  I catch myself tuned in especially on Sunday nights.  Don’t want to miss Laboe’s program and will drop everything if I have to.


1.106.7 LITE FM

Talking about the rating game, LITE FM is one of the topmost in rankings.  If you are into mainstream AC, better tune into this station.  The station has been consistently getting good reviews and has a very wide fan base to boast of.

A lot have been said about the impending death of terrestrial radio, just like what has happened to analog television.  Is terrestrial radio a dying breed?  No, not in my books.  For as long as there are people out there who would love to turn that knob or dial, I would make a fearless forecast that it would not be digging its grave.  Maybe it will just evolve.