Will Streaming Radio Overshadow Terrestrial Radio?

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June 6, 2017

Based on a national survey, more than 90 million Americans tune into online radio and this number is expected to rise further.  One of the reasons respondents patronize streaming radio is the availability of customized listening options.

Another survey reveals that the number of digital radio listeners in the US would climb to more than 180 million in a few years time.

With these stats about digital radio and radio listening habits among Americans,  many are asking if terrestrial radio would still be able to hold its neck above water.

A media research team says yes, terrestrial radio will stay for a while longer than what most people believe.  This is because terrestrial radio stations (AM/FM radio) still maintain a broader reach than streaming radio stations.  The combined market reach of popular streaming stations is only around 20 percent.

Another plausible reason why adults in particular will want to listen to radio sans streaming is the entertainment offered by station DJs.  Veteran DJs have undoubtedly huge followings.  Listeners are delighted by amusing content, a value-added absent in playlists.